A person's health and how they feel about themselves, along with good friends and family, are the keys to a happy life. American Global Health Group, L.L.C (AGHG) was formed to help bring to people around the world the full health benefits of high quality Aloe Vera juice and the clear moisturizing and brightening function of aloe based cosmetic and skin care products. We and our consumers understand the importance of organic natural products.

To fulfill our goal, AGHG started its Aloe Vera plantations in China in 2000, locating farms in the heart of China's aloe producing regions, Hainan and Guangdong. AGHG used Aloe Vera plants imported from Texas, the most advanced planting techniques, and strictly followed organic certification requirements to assure the best aloe vera leaf supply. AGHG began by planting and growing our aloe plants in accordance with the highest quality standards set by ECOCERT (France), one of the strictest organic certifiers in the world.

AGHG is dedicated to assuring the highest possible quality in our products. We guarantee to our customers that they will be satisfied with the results.

-Douglas Jewett (Chairman)


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